30th Annual Meeting (2009)

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Slides from 2009 Meeting Presentations:

Founders Lecture, Fiona Godlee, Editor in Chief, BMJ
Conflicts of Interest:  We all have them, Why Don't we Declare them?

Invited Session 1 - HIV Epidemic: Current Research Challenges Invited Session 3 - Covariate Adjustments in Clinical Trials: Are they Worth the Added Complexity? Invited Session 5 - Current Controversies in Clincal Trials Invited Session 6 -  Recent Advances and Regulatory Implications in the Design and Analysis of Clinical Trials Utilizing PRO's for Assessment of Pain and Clinical Symptom Invited Session 7 – Panel Presentation: The Aprotinin Story: The Need for Large Clinical Trials Invited Session 8 - The Link Between Meta-analysis and Clinical Practice - When is the Answer In Invited Session 9 - MRSA and Staphylococcal Vaccines Invited Session 10 - Clinical Trials in Obesity Invited Session 11 - Interim Monitoring for Lack of Benefit and Futility Invited Session 12 - The Use of Adaptive Designs in an NIH-Funded Clinical Trials Environment Invited Session 13 - Benefit-Risk Assessment from Clinical Trials Invited Session 14 - Risk Management Based Adaptive Monitoring


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