31st Annual Meeting (2010)

Baltimore, Maryland, USA

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Watch Members-Only Video!    SCT President Welcome Colin Begg 00:07:04
Watch Members-Only Video!   Presentation of the Class of 2010 Fellows   00:20:58
Watch Members-Only Video!   Curtis Meinert Lecture:
"FDA, Clinical Trials, and Public Health"
Joshua Sharfstein 00:33:01
Watch Members-Only Video! Download Power Power Presentation Founders Lecture:
"Publicly Funded Clinical Trials in the Era of Comparative Research Effectiveness"
Richard Schilsky 00:48:38
  Download Power Power Presentation WORKSHOP P7:
Adaptive Clinical Trials
    Watch Members-Only Video! P7-Part 1: Short Course: Adaptive Clinical Trials Roger Lewis 00:44:53
    Watch Members-Only Video! P7-Part 2: Adaptive Dose-Ranging Designs and Methods José Pinheiro 00:44:25
    Watch Members-Only Video! P7-Part 3: Bayesian Adaptive Designs for Clinical Trials Jason Connor 00:44:41

Slides from 2010 Meeting Presentations:

Trial of the Year, SACKETT-IMPACT
Sackett-ImpACT-MRC TB-Streptomycin - Baltimore 2010.pdf


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David Sackett Trial of the Year

SCT Trial of the Year Award
11th Annual Award (2017)
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