SCT 32rd Annual Meeting (2011)


More than 600 attendees came together in Vancouver for four days of workshops, sessions and networking. Many enjoyed Keynote presentations by Johan Karlberg, MD, PhD, BSc, Director, Clinical Trials Centre, University of Hong Kong, and Anushka Patel, MBBS, SM, PhD, Senior Director, The George Institute, as well as presentation of the Trial of the Year Award to “The Ekjut Trial in Jharkhand and Orissa” accepted by Dr. Prasanta Tripathy.

Vancouver attendees enjoyed greater selection than we have had in the past of excellent presentations from which to choose. Specifically, SCT offered 30 invited talks this year compared to 15 in 2010, and 100 contributed talks compared to last year’s 70.

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Watch Members-Only Video!    SCT President Welcome Bob Byington 00:08:12
Watch Members-Only Video! Download Power Power Presentation Curtis Meinert Lecture:
"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Clinical Trials in Asia"
Anushka Patel 00:47:11
Watch Members-Only Video!   Trial of the Year:
The Ekjut Trial in Jharkhand and Orissa
Prasanta Tripathy 00:23:16
Watch Members-Only Video! Download Power Power Presentation Founders Lecture:
"Asian Clinical Trial Trends by Sponsor, Trial Phase, Disease Area, Country"
Johan Karlberg 00:35:27
  Download Power Power Presentation WORKSHOP P1:
Essentials of Randomized Clinical Trials
    Watch Members-Only Video! P2-Introduction of Speakers Yves Rosenberg 00:02:55
    Watch Members-Only Video!

P2-Part 1: Introduction to Randomized Clinical Trials

Yves Rosenberg 01:34:34
    Watch Members-Only Video! P2-Part 2: Data Collection, Reporting, and Quality Control Issues Laura Lovato 00:45:44
    Watch Members-Only Video! P2-Part 3: Project Management in Clinical Trials Dixie Ecklund 00:46:12
    Watch Members-Only Video! P2-Part 4: Treatment Allocation Michele Melia 00:42:09
    Watch Members-Only Video! P2-Part 5: Choice of Endpoints Susan Halabi 00:38:03
    Watch Members-Only Video! P2-Part 6: General Statistical Concepts Susan Halabi 01:15:11


*Please note Workshop P4 was cancelled and removed from the program.

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