SCT 33rd Annual Meeting (2012)

Miami, Florida, USA - May 20-23, 2012

The SCT Meeting in Miami provided an exciting opportunity for education and networking, with two and half days of meetings and exhibits, a full day of workshop offerings and two evenings of social events. Attendees representing 17 countries and all facets of the clinical trials community gathered to enjoy 30 Invited Sessions, 100 contributed talks, two days of poster presentations, and interaction with exhibitors.

The meeting also featured keynote presentations by Wafaa El-Sadr (Director of the International Center for AIDS Care and Treatment Programs at Columbia University) and John Ioannidis (Director of Sanford Prevention Research Center).

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Videos & Slides:

Watch Members-Only Video!    SCT President Welcome Rick Chappell 00:14:01
Watch Members-Only Video!   Presentation of the Class of 2012 Fellows John Lachin 00:08:05
Watch Members-Only Video! Download Slides Curtis Meinert Lecture:
"Global HIV Prevention Trials"
Wafaa El-Sadr 01:07:15
Watch Members-Only Video! Download Trial of the Year Slides Trial of the Year:
In Memory of Paul Meier & MOMS: Management of Myelomeningocele Study
Larry Friedman
Watch Members-Only Video! Download Slides Founders Lecture:
"Designing and Dissecting the Geometry of Randomized Evidence"
John P.A. Ioannidis 00:44:35
  Download Slides WORKSHOP P5 (AM Session):
Biomarkers in Clinical Trials: General Principles for Study Design and Statistical Evaluation
    Watch Members-Only Video! P5(1)-Overview of Biomarkers in Drug Development

Sue-Jane Wang

    Watch Members-Only Video! P5(2)-Overview of Surrogate Endpoint Evaluation in Clinic Studies

Geert Molenberghs

    Watch Members-Only Video! P5(3)-Overview of Biomarkers in Device Development

Gene Pennello

    Watch Members-Only Video! P5(4)-Biomaker Trial Designs: Lessons from Real Trials

Sumithra Mandrekar

  Download Slides WORKSHOP P9 (PM Session):
The Prevention and Treatment of Missing Data in Clinical Trials
    Watch Members-Only Video! P9-Trial Stategies to Reduce the Frequency of Missing Data Jim Neaton 00:53:46


Invited Sessions

Contributed Paper Sessions

Congratulations and thank you to 2012 Program Chair Mithat Gonen and the SCT Program Committee for an outstanding line up of contributed papers, posters and Invited Sessions:
  • Mithat Gonen, Chair
  • Robert Annechiarico
  • Rick Chappell
  • Li Chen
  • Ken Cheung
  • Christopher Coffey
  • William Elgie
  • Dean Fergusson
  • Elizabeth Garrett Meyer
  • Susan Halabi
  • Jonathan Kimmelman
  • Beverly Koski
  • J. Athene Lane
  • Anne S. Lindblad
  • Wendy L. McBee
  • Alison McDonald
  • Kristine M. Nelson
  • Wendy Parulekar
  • Tim Ramsay
  • Dominic Reda
  • Yves Rosenberg
  • John Speakman

Congratulations and thank you to 2012 Education Chair Christopher Coffey and the Education Committee for outstanding educational workshops on Sunday, May 20:

  • Christopher Coffey, Chair
  • Kristel Aman
  • Carol Baker
  • Michael Benatar
  • Marie Benavente
  • Jeff Blume
  • Li Chen
  • Jodi DeStefano
  • Janice Flegg
  • Marta Gilson
  • Susan Halabi
  • Devin Hunt
  • Jingyee Kou
  • Oscar Moreno
  • Tom Moritz
  • Wendy Parulekar
  • Roberta Scherer
  • Emily VanMeter
  • Paul Wakin
  • Julie Weston
  • David Wright


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