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6 Tools and Instruments Resources

COVID-19 Data and Safety Monitoring Board Registry

As part of a larger effort to increase efficiencies and streamline infrastructure for clinical trials, the Stanford Quantitative Sciences Unit (QSU) has established a registry of experts who are interested in serving on (as a member or chair) and/or supporting (as an independent statistician) one or more data and safety monitoring boards (DSMBs) for trials studying interventions related to COVID-19. This registry is publicly available to researchers who are convening a DSMB. It is intended to be a tool to expedite the process and to fulfill the unique DSMB needs for COVID-related trials. The registry may potentially serve future trial needs as well.

COVID-19 Endpoint Registry

The COVID-19 Endpoint Registry developed and maintained by the Stanford Quantitative Sciences Unit contains all US approved primary endpoints to address the challenge in identifying the right endpoint in COVID trials. The purpose of this registry is to provide guidance in designing studies by describing primary endpoints. More specifically, the registry provides data on which endpoints are used to address primary objectives and includes information on study population, sample size, endpoint class or family and how these definitions change over time.