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Membership on a clinical trial Data Monitoring Committee / Data and Safety Monitoring Board (DMC/DSMB) requires skilled evaluation and interpretation of data from ongoing clinical trial data, accounting for the challenges posed by the emerging nature of the data. The deliberate identification and cultivation of new DMC members has not kept pace with the growing needs of the clinical trial community. This registry is a publicly available resource that collects information on clinical research professionals who either have previously been a DMC member or have no prior experience but wish to join a DMC and learn about the process. If this fits your description, we invite you to consider joining the DMC registry, as we feel your expertise is greatly needed. Please note that participation in the registry in no way commits you to serve on a specific DMC, although it will inform coordinators of your potential availability and experience. If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please contact us at

This registry was a collaborative effort between Society for Clinical Trials, Quantitative Sciences Unit at Stanford University (supported by NIH Award Number: UL1TR003142), and TransCelerate.

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